Thursday, November 10, 2011

Later That Day Saturday

I finally tried on the robes Asagai gave me, and love them. I feel so powerful and independent! Walter, as usual, spoiled the moment in his drunken state. Something tells me that his luck isn't going to change if he doesn't get his act together. But, while he was drunk, I decided to have a little fun with it. I messed around with him for awhile, riling him up so he'd shout in a complete stupor-- but when George came, I decided it was time to act a bit more refined.

However, George and the rest of the family didn't find it so refined of me to have cut my hair and have it unstraightened so it looked "nappy". George stated I looked "eccentric", where I stated I look "natural", and he stated that is what eccentric means! (pg 80). The nerve of him! He wants to be defined as an assimilated product of America. He would rather paint his soul white and follow their ways to blend in, but not me. I want MY heritage to shine, not the WHITE OPPRESSIVE heritage. Maybe becoming "white" has its perks like it has for George, but I have more respect for my people than that. I even told the man "I hate assimilationist Negros!" (pg 81), and he thought I was calling him from a college perspective an "Uncle Tom" (pg 81). Yes, that's true. He is an Uncle Tom. He will made no headway for our people. We deserve to be who we are and be accepted, not crush our culture to mesh with theirs!

As I got ready for George, regardless that he kept disrespecting my views on Africa and African heritage, I heard Walter and George arguing. Honestly, I hope Walter took some of what George said to heart. Maybe then Walter will get this whole "liquor store" out of his head, but somehow I doubt that will occur.

I swear, if George acts smart with me again, I won't ever go out with him. My identity is with Africa, and with my education I will assure myself a wonderful position in this world with who I am, not who others what us blacks in America to be.

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